Zen Diving Center

 Based in Fréjus Saint Raphaël in the Var, on the Mediterranean coast, between Cannes and St Tropez, ALPHA BELUGA ITI is offering you a different way of diving... Different explorations, training courses on the dates of your choice, and schedules tailored to your needs.

Our philosophy is simple: diving in a relaxed way, without rushing, taking advantage not only of the underwater show, but also of the magnificent scenery that the Esterel massif offers us. Come and share this relaxing atmosphere with us...

Located in the center of the port of Frejus, you will have a choice of restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops a few meters from the boat.

Parking located 100 m away. TGV train station St. Raphaël Valescure. . 

Our sports facility is open for recreational diving, training and health sports, in full compliance with health protocols for COVID prevention. 

Our THEORETICAL COURSES for your TRAINING SESSIONS are available via E-LEARNING or ONLINE (via the DiveSSI platform). 

Our diving boats in Frejus

A comfortable 15m solid boat for all diver profiles. All the equipment is taken on board; no more forgotten equipment at the dock when you dive (6 l, 12 l or 15 l block cases).

In its previous life, our boat, the SEIZH ENEZ, carried up to 50 passengers around the Breton islands. With a capacity of 30 divers, it will allow you to reach the diving sites in peace. This year, social distancing will be easy on this 15m long boat. Whether alone, with family, in a mini group or with friends, come and enjoy the spectacle of the Var coast! When the ochre hues of the Esterel massif meet the blue-green hues of the sea...

Equipped for barbecuing and partying on board (Divers and non divers: EVG / birthdays/ weddings/ team-building)

2 additional Zodiacs for groups up to 70 divers + 1 boat for 20 divers

The Alpha Beluga Diving Team

State-certified diving instructors (FFESSM, SSI), Sophro-relaxologists, Shiatsu practitioners, sports coaches and underwater biology enthusiasts are here to meet your most diverse expectations:

- From a beginner level, an autonomous diver, to an advanced level,

-From preparing for the entrance exams and pedagogical courses (BPJEPS, DEJEPS, MF1) to technical discovery courses, everything is possible :-)

Contact us to make your dream come true.

Teaching courses for all levels from MF1 to DEJEPS and preparation for future scuba divers.

Pascal and Sandrine

Diving Health Wellness

Diving to stay healthy or to regain your  well-being

Stress management, disorders due to post-traumatic stress, post-accident, illness, divorce, burn-out, panic, overworking... Via the protocols of BATHYSMED® (results from several clinical studies, tested under medical supervision) and  ZEN'IT (developed and practiced for many years)

For you personally, in stress prevention and management, and for companies in the framework of managing PSR (Psycho-Social Risks) and HR, burn-out, well-being and quality of life at work. 


   Our COVID commitments     

Since spring 2020, our HEALTH POLICY has been updated:

  • Hand washing at the dock before boarding the boat or disinfectant gel on board
  • Installation of disinfection and rinsing tanks on board, reserved exclusively for loaned equipment. 
  • Closing of the front and rear cabins to the public. 


  • Book by phone
  • Send your documents: level card, medical certificate, and contact information by SMS or MAIL before the dive/training
  • Use package systems
  • Take your own bottle of water, personal glasses

NB :

It is imperative to consult a doctor to establish a CACI (medical certificate of non-contra-indication). Model available on the FFESSM website.
Pulmonary, cardiac, neurological, cerebral, etc.disorders could be caused by COVID-19, even without symptoms. Consult a physician before (re)diving.

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